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Ideal Infrastructure

To insure the very best quality, Ideal Rice, the company, has installed a complete modern lab for paddy and rice, courtesy Satake, Japan the pioneers of Japan's first-ever power driven rice-milling machinery. It is after such huge corporate and industrial giants that Ideal Rice has followed suit. We believe in giving the Pakistan based consumer not just a taste of the best rice available but also a little bit of international perfection. We are fully equipped with the very best technology in milling, drying, cleaning and grading to name a few.

The fine quality paddy goes through a number of sophisticated processes to ensure perfection. From paddy de-moisturizing to drying, cleaning, husking, de-stoning, polishing to final grading and sorting, we produce an unrivalled brand of rice. In our high tech milling plant, every stage of the process conforms to international parameters of excellence. These processes are meticulously carried out to ensure Basmati rice with perfectly tapered ends, uniformly long grain pristine white luster and appetizing aroma.

Ideal Rice has the best and most complete 6-8 t ph state of the art equipment ad technology with a fully controlled husking and reprocessing plant from Satake, Japan. We have steam based drying units from the Indus Corporation, India that deal with 32 ton/batch x 3 units. Ideal Rice is committed to adopting advanced and cutting edge technology, where we endorse modern ideals to satisfy our consumers.

Ideal strengths

At Ideal Rice, our strengths are discovering, developing and delivering the very best in administrative and production procedures to give to you the very best quality rice, keeping us leaps and bounds ahead of our competitors. But our mission also entails something more. As a company, we seek to maintain high ethical standards and a core culture that values honesty, integrity and transparency in all that we do and promise. Company decisions are driven by what is the right choice for our customers, enabling us to have long-term business relations with our international clients and relations as well as our native concerns. Ideal Rice is the ideal, healthy choice.

We work hard to ensure that optimal production and quality standards are maintained at every processing stage in order to best respond to the rapid expansion of the company's domestic and overseas initiatives with production capacity at over 200 tonnes per day.
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