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Agriculture - the Ideal way

In a country where the pulse of the nation beats to the hum of an agricultural culture to meet the livelihoods of a majority of its people, we take pride in leading this trend. Manufacturing and supplying rice, one of this region's, and the world's, staple food basics, Ideal Rice has learned how to connect with the world through the language of food. Pakistan is a land where the economy is run on agriculture, where the land meets the capital and where the people till the fertility of our hearts and minds. In such a conducive environment, Ideal Rice has innovated the need for resource-based initiatives by caring.

Pakistan's natural agro-based economy has supported the production of rice since its inception with this food being the country's third largest crop after wheat and cotton, grown over 10% of the total cropped area. There are many kinds of rice, principal of which is the Basmati variety, a particularly aromatic kind of rice. Ideal Rice has paved the way for a complete quality-based structure dedicated to providing the people with rice that rivals standards par excellence. Unlike other manufacturers, we have honed in on the true value of satisfying the consumer by using the history of our agro-economy to extract the very best and healthiest choice for those who can discern between quality and just average. It is because we appreciate and know the history of this rice-growing land that we have developed the best possible processes and structures to deliver what we promise.

Basmati rice - the aromatic favourite

A favourite of consumers, Basmati rice is a particularly long-grained aromatic type of rice, known for its distinct flavour. Named after a Sanskrit word that means 'the fragrant one', Basmati rice appeals to all rice consumers all over the world. Available in white and brown varieties, Basmati rice is a staple of global households. In addition, Basmati rice has been certified as a healthier choice by leading medical professionals all over the world. It has been touted as containing far less glycemic levels than other varieties of rice. Ideal Rice is the market leader in Basmati rice as it is this variety that is popularly demanded in this region, enabling us to perfect the production process and manufacture top-notch quality and quantity to keep up with the rising demand. Who says you can't have both quality and quantity? Ideal Rice believes in giving you both.
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