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Ideal Rice Industries

Located in Shahkot, the industrial heart of Punjab, Ideal Rice Industries believes in the sustained principles of nurture, harmony and wellbeing. Developed with a family and health conscious dynamic in mind, Ideal Rice is the ideal choice for the whole family. Introducing a brand of rice that truly cares, Ideal Rice is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Basmati and non-Basmati brown and white varieties of rice with a dominant presence in supermarkets and certified sellers throughout the country. As equal opportunity employers, we believe in giving our consumers the best of unadulterated rice products by purchasing directly from the growers of natural paddy. Leading the market with integrated principles of growth and core professional values, Ideal Rice has, in a short amount of time, shot up to join the ranks of some of the most trusted rice producers and suppliers in the world.

Ideal Team

Our core team of professionals is dedicated to locating, harnessing, developing and distributing (under our very own distribution company Ideal Impex) some of the finest rice varieties available anywhere in the market. Trained in the dynamics of market assessment and demand, we have honed in on the fact that our consumers need a little extra: more quality and a lot more care. As the manufacturers of a brand of rice that has named itself after the value of perfection, our team is one with over 30 years of international experience, thus giving the local market a taste of pure and potent quality.

Ideal corporate-social responsibility.

Easily comparable with some of the most venerated names in the business, Ideal Rice has grown and evolved by developing a long lasting relationship with its consumers, market links, base managers and one another. We have one of the finest mills in Pakistan where the machinery and processing equipment is at par with international standards of excellence. The infrastructure, procurement and quality control is unmatched anywhere in Pakistan from where Ideal Rice is exported to the Middle East, North America and Europe. Priding ourselves in being the leader of state-of-the-art technology based processing anywhere in Pakistan, Ideal Rice has outclassed and outshone all other rice producers by having in place a stringent inspection regime, modern technology standards of manufacturing and the most healthy product being distributed in the modern market at home and abroad. It is little surprise then that we have been awarded the ISO 9002 and 9001: certification in 2000 by the HACCP.

The Ideal Future

The future of Ideal Rice is one where we take the consumer along so that they know that theirs is the most trusted brand of rice available. Already in the coming are major projects like a steam rice plant, Parboiled rice plant, husk-based bio-gas power generator, ideal dairy farms, flour milling and storage silos for rice and paddy. Ideal Rice is here to stay and to give its customers so much more under one trusted umbrella.

Ideal Rice lives up to its name and claim: it really is the ideal choice for its associated foreign consumers, domestic market and health conscious families looking for that nurturing touch.
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